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What technical support does Drunken Fairy Duck have and what advantages does it have?
Drunken Fairy Duck is a unique recipe for several generations. It can be regarded as the pioneer of the new-style roast duck industry in China. No one can get the recipe of common secret recipe. Drunken fairy duck is prevalent in the whole Shanghai beach with its common fragrance, exogenous Jiaolinen and smooth taste. Whether it is street and lane, men, women, children, housewives or white-collar workers, some of them stop smelling fragrance, some of them come in admiration, even if there is a long queue in front of the store, they can not bear to miss such a rare delicacy.
Drunken Fairy Duck has the same manufacturing method. It contains dozens of precious Chinese medicines, carefully selected ingredients, scientific formula, regularly marinated, dried and roasted. After eating, it does not need to worry about getting fat. Drunken Fairy Duck is rich in B and E vitamins, and can resist oxidation. It is a superfluous and self-reliant detergent for human body.
Yumaixiang New-style Roast Duck Ingredients contain dozens of precious traditional Chinese medicine carefully selected ingredients, scientific formula, regular curing, high temperature and pressure, delicious color, tender meat, crisp and refreshing, welcomed by broad consumers.
Nutrition and medicinal value
Containing protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and many trace elements, it has obvious therapeutic effect on low fever, tuberculosis, anemia, anorexia and other diseases. Don't worry about getting fat, and rich in B, E vitamins, antioxidant, is the body's superfluous self-based cleanser.
Suitable investors
It is a group of small investment entrepreneurs, graduates, laid-off workers, unemployed persons, young couples, migrant urban workers, catering owners and other people who invest in entrepreneurship.
Sales methods and varieties
Fixed store sales operation, take-out and wholesale mode, booth, distribution network convergence mode.



Easy to learn and operate
1. Technological excellence
Drunken fairy duck has unique technology and monopoly business opportunities. It is difficult to imitate the new-style roast duck. From time to time, it stops developing and developing secret recipes, which constitutes its core competitiveness and ensures its invincible position in the operation process.
2. Technical Training
Drunken Fairy Duck is easy to operate, easy to learn. It is convenient to control the new roast duck technology to standardize and process all the product formulations. There is no need to hire chefs. Everyone can operate it. It is especially suitable for people who have no experience in catering to invest in entrepreneurship.
3. Brand publicity
Drunken Immortal Duck has a good brand, registered by the National Trademark Office and wide influence. Everyone knows roast duck. After many years of experience in duck product operation, it has formed a good reputation in the hearts of the people. It can quickly gather popularity and bring wealth.
4. Small investments and quick returns
Drunken fairy duck has a small investment, a small investment in the same month, a new-style roast duck in the same month, a simple investment of tens of thousands of yuan, two people can operate in seven days, with a small investment and a fast return. No need for advertising, no need for luxury decoration, just hard work in the real profitable industry
5. Sensitive Location
The drunken fairy duck is sensitive in operation, location and management. Drunken fairy duck, shop location is very common in shopping malls, supermarkets, pedestrian streets, schools, communities, fairs and other places. Moreover, it can operate three times in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, and make money discontinuously by eating three meals a day.
6. Joining Service
Store location, technical training and so on have a set of plans for franchisers to do meticulous training services, to ensure that each franchisor to improve the operation of simple and fast to make big money.