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Drunken Fairy Duck, a well-known brand in Chinese catering industry. Drunken Fairy Duck, with the development momentum of red fire, shows people the great charm of Chinese catering, the continuous market attraction and strong vitality!
Franchise Advantage of Crispy Roast Duck
福彩快三app加盟 1、整洁规模的仓库存储,专业精练的物流配送,同时与国内知名物流公司合作,工作流程化、精细化、信息化作业方式,是我们完全有能力对市场需求做出快速反应的重要保障;2、总部有完善的网络、广播、电视、报刊等免费的全面的广告宣传;3、根据代理经销商的需求,免费提供统一的店面装修设计方案;4、提供完善的操作手册和运营手册,指导其加盟合作和运营实施步骤;5、保证加盟商对所签定市场前期投入和后期产出的公平性,保证市场策略及市场支持的可操作性,防止自有品牌的内耗;6、原创性产品研发和市场推广,确保公司在行业中引领潮流、比肩国际品质的市场地位;7、当地市场调研,门店的选址、财务制度、人事招聘及培养支持;8、和香港、台湾、韩国、德国等多个国家和地区的研究单位保持合作关系,保证了产品的品质地位和研发优势;9、多年的经营管理能力、企业文化及专业的顾问公司、运营团队保障企业安全、高效运作。
Franchise of crisp-skin roast duck 1. Clean warehouse storage, professional and refined logistics distribution, and cooperation with well-known domestic logistics companies, workflow, refinement, information-based operation mode, is an important guarantee that we are fully capable of responding quickly to market demand; 2. Headquarters has a sound network, radio, television, newspapers and other free and comprehensive advertising;3. 4. Provide perfect operation manuals and operation manuals to guide the implementation steps of franchise cooperation and operation. 5. Guarantee the fairness of franchisers'input and output in the early and late stages of the signed market, guarantee the operability of market strategies and market support, and prevent the internal consumption of their own brands. Product R&D and marketing to ensure that the company leads the trend in the industry and competes with international quality market position; 7. Local market research, store location, financial system, personnel recruitment and training support; 8. Maintain cooperative relations with research units in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany and other countries and regions to ensure product quality status and R&D advantages; The annual management capability, corporate culture and professional consultancy companies and operation teams ensure the safe and efficient operation of the enterprise.
Franchise Process of Crispy Roast Duck



1. Investor franchisors can consult through the company's official website or call franchise telephone; 2. After the company knows the franchise process, the investor franchisors can choose the location according to the company's requirements; 3. Comprehensive investigation and evaluation will be carried out on the location of the store selected by the investor franchisors, and the franchise can only be handled through evaluation; 4. Customer service personnel will explain to the investor franchisors the rules of the company's contract, etc. Only after no objection can a franchise contract be signed; 5. According to the type of franchise stores, investors pay the franchise fee at the company headquarters according to the unified payment standard; 6. According to the type of stores, professional integration decoration is carried out, decoration and equipment are to be budgeted by the Engineering Department, after the investment franchisee pays the fee, the Engineering Department can construct; 7. The investment franchisers and their shop service personnel will be integrated. Training (theoretical and practical operation) for professional comprehensive assessment; 8. After the shop decoration is completed and all equipment ordered, franchisors can call the company's order department for the first batch of materials; 9. Planning Department provides free franchisors with planar materials and activity plan opinions required for start-up activities; 10. Solution of follow-up difficult questions for franchisors and questions arising in operation. Timely supervision and management, integration and free of professional escort.
Franchise Conditions of Crispy Roast Duck1、福彩快三app加盟商要有合适的地段门面或者成熟的商场专柜。
1. Drunken Fairy Duck franchisers should have appropriate location facades or mature store counters.
2. The franchisee of drunken fairy duck should have abundant circulating capital.
3. The franchisee of drunken fairy duck should have certain management and operation ability.
4. We should highly identify with the corporate culture and development concept of drunken fairy duck.
简单的加盟要求让你能够更加轻松的加入,而福彩快三app产品优势多,在市场上占有优势。现在福彩快三app更是有多项加盟优势,是你不能错过的致富商机。赶紧来加盟吧Simple joining requirements make it easier for you to join, while drunken fairy duck products have many advantages and have an advantage in the market. Now drunken fairy duck has many advantages of joining the franchise, you can not miss the opportunity to become rich. Come and join us as soon as possible.