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First, shopkeepers need to systematically learn the production of drunk duck. The technology of learning should be distinctive, and at the same time, it can be recognized in the market.
Two. The market quotations of drunken immortals are different and people's tastes are different.
Operation steps and cost accounting
The first step: look for the pavement.
Drunken duck takeaway is a small business. The transfer fee and the rent must be controlled to make profits. The location of the store site is also very high. The traffic transfer station, the vegetable market, the District of the district and the entrance of the big store are the best places to open the shop.
人们购买福彩快三app一般是上下班、购物、买菜时顺手捎带,不会专门去买。对于福彩快三app外卖店来说,店址和味道并列为两道生命线。 店铺只需在10平方米左右,进深2米左右,宽5米左右更佳,方便把菜品都呈现在顾客面前,也能够有足够大的空间拌佐料、称重量。
People who buy drunk ducks usually hand in hand when they go to work, shop and buy vegetables. They do not buy it specially. For the drunken duck takeaway shop, the store site and taste are listed as two lifeline. The shop is only about 10 square meters, the depth is about 2 meters, and the best is about 5 meters wide. It is convenient to present all the dishes in front of the customers, and can also have enough space to mix with seasoning and weigh.
In terms of two inland cities, the best transfer fee is below ten thousand yuan, the monthly rent is less than a thousand yuan, and the number of the community or business circle also has specific standards. Only in this way can the profit be guaranteed. The specific location should also listen to the opinions of the professionals.
The second step: looking for and arranging the workshops.
在铺面的附近找作坊,离铺面越近越好,可以节约运输成本。房间越大越好,能存放大量的原料。有个院子或天井,这样可以烧煤炭,节约燃料成本,还方便操作。 以内陆二级城市为例,租金500元左右。
To find a workshop near the pavement, the closer the pavement is, the better the transportation cost will be. The larger the better the room, the more material it can be stored. There is a courtyard or patio, which can burn coal, save fuel costs and facilitate operation. Take inland two tier cities for example, the rent is about 500 yuan.

Third step: purchase equipment and all kinds of equipment.
(all items purchased below are calculated according to the boutique, and the small stalls greatly reduce the cost). 4500 - 6000 yuan;
The fourth step: decoration.
同时制作招牌、店内布局、店内装修。装修要有鲜明的特色,能够吸引大家的注意,反映出商品的特殊性; 做吸塑灯箱、展示台、人造石台面、隔墙、粉刷墙面等等。此项投入共2000--10000元不等。 装修同时对周边的福彩快三app市场进行市场调查包括:菜品名称、价格、味道。
At the same time, we will make signs, store layout and store decoration. The decoration should have distinctive features, which can attract the attention of everyone, reflect the particularity of the goods, make the suction lamp box, the display table, the artificial stone table, the partition wall, the painting wall and so on. This input is a total of 2000--10000 yuan. At the same time, the market survey includes the name, price and taste of the dishes.
The fifth step: the purchase of spices, spices and accessories.
It costs about 300 yuan for spices, 80-100 yuan for seasoning and 3000 yuan for raw materials (three days for small shops).
The sixth step: prophase marketing.
开业应有一些免费品尝和优惠购买活动。在辐射区域内,可以免费送货上门。 根据位置和客户群的不同进行不同的模式经营,方能保证利润。
There should be some free tasting and preferential purchase activities. In the radiation area, it can be delivered to the door free of charge. According to the different location and customer group, different modes of operation can ensure profit.